Shevonne hosts a daily parenting podcast called Feed play love and the parent panel on Babyology.

see below some highlights from the program (previously known as Kinderling Conversation)


Posts about women who have experienced sexual harassment or assault have swamped social media, showing how big the problem really is. So how do we as parents protect our girls, and teach our boys? Parenting expert Dr Justin Coulson gives some practical advice on how we can help to change the future.


We all cope with difficult self-discoveries differently. Some see a counsellor, drink more or go on a meditation retreat. Author and music teacher, Eddie Ayers, then known as Emma Ayers, decided to teach music to children in Afghanistan. Eddie talks about his experience of Afghanistan, and the incredible children he met there.


Nicole Kersh and Natalie Macken have just survived their first year of parenting. While like most of us they're dealing with sleep deprivation and dirty nappies, they’re also grappling with the impact of the same sex marriage survey.


Imagine what it's like to open your family and your home up to a teenager; to become a first time foster carer to a 12 year old on the cusp of the most tumultous years of their life.Sarah Newell and Jane Polkinghorne did just that one year ago.


Friendships can be challenging to navigate when you’re an adult, let alone when you still don’t know how to read. Dana Kerford is the founder of U R Strong, an organisation that helps young children develop friendship skills. She opens up about the ways we can speak to our children about healthy and unhealthy friendships.


The Woman’s Weekly Children’s Cookbook is an icon and cornerstone of many a childhood. Bauer Media Food Editor Pamela Clarke invented the Pool Cake. She tells us how the book came about, and why it took so long to republish the original.


White panic is not a good response if your child suffers a bad accident. But as parents it can be really hard to keep calm when our kids are hurt. Sarah Hunstead from CPR Kids gives us some tips on keeping your cool when under pressure.


Shevonne Hunt and her family took a weekend trip to Mudgee's Getaway Cottages in the Central West of NSW. The Cottages had a huge yard, with chicken, ducks, a turkey, donkey, Shetland pony, Ostrich (Miss Olivia) and a camel. What more could a family need?